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The graphics are lovely, in a sort of PGR meets Halo kind of way

[Games] Review: Blur

Yes, another old game, but I only decided to check Blur out after the sad demise of its developer Bizarre Creations prompted several people to tell me how good it was. “It’s Mario Kart with real cars”, “it’s Project Gotham with power ups”. You’ll have heard both of these phrases bandied around when discussing Bizarre […]

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Image by Ramen Junkie

[Games] It’s Coming – Wii 2 Set for E3

So as I reported some time ago, the momentum behind rumours of a replacement for Nintendo’s Wii are starting to gain traction. Several reports have emerged in the last few days quoting “insiders” as saying the new machine will be unveiled at E3 this June. The timing certainly makes sense. The Wii has been on […]

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Steam - PC market leader, but not the cheapest way to get games

[Games/Tech] What Price The Future?

For years now everyone in the games industry without a vested interest in the status quo (i.e. everyone except bricks and mortar retailers) have been telling anyone who’d listen that the future of distribution is digital. The era of physical media, they say, is over. And indeed they may be right, though the delay in […]

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Pre match action

[Games] Fifa 11 Review

So it rolls around to that time of year again when I tuck away my thoughts of rebellion against our corporate overlords and their incremental annual sports updates and pony up the dough for the latest copy of FIFA. Cos, you know, it just seems wrong for Tevez to still be at Man United now. […]

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