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[Apps] Review: Auto Trader for iPad

For UK-based fans of all things four-wheeled, or mere mortals looking to buy a used car, Auto Trader, both in its original paper and newer internet incarnation is a lifesaver. Far and away the best place to find ads for used motors, with lots of detail, and decent pictures, the digital versions of Auto Trader […]

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[Apps] The Jailbreak Apps I Can’t Live Without

It’s been sometime since I decided to jailbreak my iPhone. One of the things I quickly discovered was that its much harder to keep abreast of new developments and apps on the jailbreak scene that it is with the more legitimate app store. That’s a situation that’s not really changed over the last few months, […]

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The PM3.HD skin is the best combination of looks and usabilty on the iPad

[Apps] Review: XBMC v2 for iPad

For some time now XBMC has been the pre-eminent media centre software for home theatre PCs. With more features than Windows Media Player and more flexibility than its own commercial offshoot Boxee, XBMC is the play-all solution for people with large collections of disparate video files. It makes perfect sense, then, for the multi-format application to be […]

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The main iPlayer app home screen

[Apps] Review: BBC iPlayer App for iPad

The iPad has long been able to function fairly well as a tool for browsing and using the BBC’s excellent iPlayer catchup site. While there was no dedicated app, recognised that it was being accessed from an iPad and reconfigured its UI and live streams accordingly. All a savvy user had to do was […]

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AmpKit on iPad - beautiful but pricey

[Guitar/Apps] Review: Peavey AmpKit Link

One of the disadvantages of playing the guitar is the sheer amount of kit it requires. Kit that can start to take over a limited living space. Even with a fairly minimal electric set up, you need to find room for the guitar, a stand, an amp, probably a pedal and somewhere to store your […]

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Sky Mobile - on iPhone and iPad

[Apps] Review: Sky Mobile

For those of us not rich or lucky enough to be able to install Sky in all it’s chav-tastic satellite glory, the broadcaster offers a range of alternatives. As well as allowing cable providers, BT and TopUpTV ro resell its sports channels at truly extortionate fees, it offers the chance to watch certain channels on […]

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Multiple Google Calendars on iPad

[Apps] Syncing Multiple Calendars With The iPad

Just a quick tip for those of you who use Google Calednar and have an iPhone or iPad. For the longest time, when I first had my iPhone it was only possible to sync one Google Calendar with the device. A problem for those of us who share calendars with our colleagues or partners. Google […]

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Air Video on the iPad

[Apps] Streaming Video to the iPad

I’ve recently reconfigured my media storage to put all of my many ripped TV series and movies onto a dual bay 4TB NAS (though its only a 3TB NAS for the moment until I buy a second 2TB HD to replace the 1GB in the second bay). Until now I’d been keeping all the video […]

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