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[Games] Review: Collision Effect

As someone who has to regularly commute on the tube, I’m always a fan of casual iOS titles that can be played one-handed, leaving the other hand free for the required death grip on whatever pole, rail or hoop it can find among the thronging mass of bodies. The Flick Kick series (in Football, Rugby […]

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Honestly, one of the least impressive weapons you're offered

[Games] Review: Bulletstorm

Ah violence. Long have you been gaming’s dirtly little muse. The fire that lit the bright lights of a thousand arcade marquees. From the earliest days of Space Invaders, Asteroids and Pac-Man, the central dynamic of video games has always been this; kill or be killed. We’ve smashed through wave after wave of enemy aircraft […]

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Looking down from on high - Battlefield Bad Company 2

[Games] Review: Battlefield – Bad Company 2

So yes, I’m a little late the party. But what a party. Where has this been all my life? First some context. I was, at launch, a massive Call of Duty 4 fan (I’m trying to avoid retconning that particular title as Modern Warfare, COD4 it was and COD4 it shall remain). My housemate and […]

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