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[Tech] iPhone 5 Clone Hints at Real Design

Giz-China has photos of a rather swish looking Chinese iPhone clone that’s rumoured to be based on the next gen model widely tipped for an autumn 2011 reveal. People familiar with such things say its not unusual for chinese counterfeiters to get their hands on prototype or pre-production models and have crappy, but authentic-looking knock-offs […]

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Image by @cabel

[Tech] Apps for Apple TV?

In what could well turn out to be a dramatic feat of wishful over-thinking, rumours are circulating that apps are on their way to the Apple TV. References to a mysterious device known as ix.Mac.MarketingName have popped up App Store listings, alongside mentions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, leading some to speculate that the […]

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An Orange shop, though not the one in question here (Image by Aldfern)

[Tech] A Tale of Apples and Orange

So this weekend I decided to help my mum, who is not the most technically minded person in the world, upgrade her phone. She’s had a hideous pink Nokia dumbphone that I bought her years ago on Pay as You Go, and had decided it was time to join the 21st century. After chatting to […]

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Black or white? .... The iPads, I meant the iPads!

[Tech] iPad 2 – Successor or Update?

So, after months of relatively fevered hype the successor to Apple’s smash hit iPad has been unveiled. As expected it’s lighter, faster and features a camera, but it’s perhaps most noticeable for the things it hasn’t added. Let’s take a look at the important headlines one by one. Faster As we anticipated, the iPad 2 […]

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