[Retro] Retrospective: Rollcage

If there was one UK-based studio whose name was synonymous with quality during the life of the original PlayStation, it is Psygnosis. Working primarily as a publisher on 16 bit ...

[Games] First Thoughts: LA Noire

It’s been enjoyable, my first few hours in the shoes of newly minted detective Cole Phelps, but not quite in the way I was expecting. It seems that Rockstar, having ...


[Photos] Snow in Black and White

Having taken quite a few snow-filled landscape shots while on snowboarding trips ...

[Games] Review: Dirt 3

Dirt 3 may be the first title in Codemasters’ offroad racing franchise ...

[Apps] The Jailbreak Apps I Can’t Live Without

It’s been sometime since I decided to jailbreak my iPhone. One of ...

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[Apps] Review: Auto Trader for iPad

For UK-based fans of all things four-wheeled, or mere mortals looking to buy a used car, Auto Trader, both in its original paper and newer internet incarnation is a lifesaver. Far and away the best place to find ads for used motors, with lots of detail, and decent pictures, the digital versions of Auto Trader […]

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[Games] Whither the Handheld?

With the Nintendo 3DS in crisis and the PlayStation Vita risking stillbirth, is the era of the handheld console over? So in the past week we’ve learned two important things about the state of the gaming market. As I predicted, the Nintendo 3DS in big trouble. With it’s price cut by a staggering 32% just […]

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[Tech] iPhone 5 Clone Hints at Real Design

Giz-China has photos of a rather swish looking Chinese iPhone clone that’s rumoured to be based on the next gen model widely tipped for an autumn 2011 reveal. People familiar with such things say its not unusual for chinese counterfeiters to get their hands on prototype or pre-production models and have crappy, but authentic-looking knock-offs […]

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[Retro] Taking Off the Rose-Tinted Glasses

Retro gaming is a funny thing. Quite a lot of the joy of going back in time and playing old console and computer games is the sheer nostalgia value, and part is the joy of discovering games and systems that might have passed you by first time around. Odd thing is though, that unless you […]

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[Games] Modding Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

A few months back I wrote about the modding options available for perhaps the most playable game in the whole Pro Evolution Soccer series, PES 6. For all the countless shirts, stadia and options that modding PES 6 provides, and as much as it still plays a cracking game of football, there may be those […]

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[Prints] Utah Storm

A passing storm rolls brightly lit clouds low over a Utah highway near the city of Moab. Available to buy on deviantART and RedBubble.

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[Prints] London Bridge at Night

An HDR composition of three separate exposures. Taken from London Bridge around an hour after sunset. Visible in this are Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf and in the foreground London Bridge hospital. Available to buy on RedBubble or deviantART.

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[Prints] Yellowstone – Lower Falls

The beautiful Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River at the hear of America’s oldest national park high in the mountains of Wyoming. And now you can buy a lovely shiny print of this photo of them. Go on, treat yourself, you know you want to. Available at RedBubble and deviantART.

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[Prints] TGIGreeny, Now on deviantART

As much as I love RedBubble, there are some print sizes and services they don’t offer that deviantART do, like mugs and jigsaws. Plus I do rather like the communtiy spirt on dA. So from now on all my prints will appear for sale there too. I’ll post links to both RedBubble and deviantART so […]

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[Prints] Cley Next the Sea

Cley is one of my favourite villages in the whole of the UK. During a trip to East Anglia a few months ago I made a special detour to photograph Cley and its famous windmill. While walking along the beach, several hundred yards from the village I was able to get this image, shooting almost […]

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[Photos] Flowers Galore

Nothing too special here. I’ve been to a few gardens of note lately, primarily the RHS garden at Wisley in Surrey and the Hampton Court Flower Show in London. Obviously the thing to do when faced with so many lovely flowers is to photograph them. So I did. I have no idea what kind of plants each of them […]

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[Prints] London Landmarks Old and New

Another day, another print. This is one of my most recent shots, and probably my favourite London shot. It looks great printed big on canvas (I’ve ordered one for myself) but there are loads of options available at Redbubble, from greetings cards and postcards right up to big framed prints. Enjoy.

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[Prints] Watercolour Skies over London

The magnificent London Eye towers over this shot of the Thames. Also visible is the clock tower that houses Big Ben, both set against a delicate pink and blue dusk sky. Available to buy now in a variety of formats at RedBubble.

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[Photos] America Revisted

I’ve been preparing a few of my favourite archive shots for sale, and have spent some time going over dozens of gigabytes of RAW files from some recent trips to the US. With some new kit, and a bit more time to really tweak things, I reckon I’ve managed to significantly improve some of my […]

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[Prints] Monument Valley Sunrise

Another print available to buy right now over at RedBubble. It’s an HDR composition showing Utah’s magnificent Monument Valley at dawn. I had to stand around for about three hours in the freezing gold to get this, after driving through the night to be there pre-dawn. Still, I reckon it was worth it. This print […]

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