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[Photos] Le Mans 2011

This weekend I made my first trip to Le Mans for the word-famous 24 hour sports car endurance race. As well as being one of the oldest and most revered events in the motor racing world, the Le Mans weekend is a sort of automotive Glastonbury. Upwards of half a million people descend on the […]

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The graphics are lovely, in a sort of PGR meets Halo kind of way

[Games] Review: Blur

Yes, another old game, but I only decided to check Blur out after the sad demise of its developer Bizarre Creations prompted several people to tell me how good it was. “It’s Mario Kart with real cars”, “it’s Project Gotham with power ups”. You’ll have heard both of these phrases bandied around when discussing Bizarre […]

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This is as pretty as it gets

[Games] Review: Days of Thunder Arcade

This is an odd thing to admit but Days of Thunder holds a special place in my heart. And yes, I am talking about the crappy 1990 Don Simpson / Jerry Bruckheimer produced Tom Cruise movie about NASCAR. I was nine when it came out and had never experienced stock car racing before. It was […]

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