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So much content, such little time.

[Tech] Expand XBMC With Add-Ons

Once you’ve got yourself up and running with the best free media centre software around, XBMC, you’ll doubtless want to explore what else it can do, besides providing a beautiful library of your digital video, music and photo files. The software has long featured the ability to add plugins, which XBMC calls “add-ons”, but in […]

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The PM3.HD skin is the best combination of looks and usabilty on the iPad

[Apps] Review: XBMC v2 for iPad

For some time now XBMC has been the pre-eminent media centre software for home theatre PCs. With more features than Windows Media Player and more flexibility than its own commercial offshoot Boxee, XBMC is the play-all solution for people with large collections of disparate video files. It makes perfect sense, then, for the multi-format application to be […]

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Angry Birds... in HD - but it's not Angry Birds HD

[Tech] Jailbreaking a 4.2.1 iPad

So after successfully jailbreaking my iPhone, I decided it was high time my iPad got the same treatment. There are fewer apps for jailbroken iPads, and some would say less need to jailbreak a device that doesn’t have the telephony features of the iPhone. There were though, a few features I wanted on my iPad. […]

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