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[Games] Get The Bulletstorm Score For Free

There are many things about me that others would find strange. One of which is my secret love for videogame soundtracks. Listening to Harry Gregson-Williams score for Metal Gear Solid 2 is one thing – after all he’s a proper film composer, but I’ll listen to anything. Just this morning on the tube my iPhone […]

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Honestly, one of the least impressive weapons you're offered

[Games] Review: Bulletstorm

Ah violence. Long have you been gaming’s dirtly little muse. The fire that lit the bright lights of a thousand arcade marquees. From the earliest days of Space Invaders, Asteroids and Pac-Man, the central dynamic of video games has always been this; kill or be killed. We’ve smashed through wave after wave of enemy aircraft […]

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The leash - your gateway to creative violence

[Games] Preview: Bulletstorm

It’s a strange thing, but for years something in me has been slightly distrustful of “arcade” games. Maybe its all those pound coins I wasted on Time Crisis and Scud Race as a kid. Maybe its the PlayStation era, when all too often “arcade” was a euphemism used to describe games so bereft of depth […]

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