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[Games] Get The Bulletstorm Score For Free

There are many things about me that others would find strange. One of which is my secret love for videogame soundtracks. Listening to Harry Gregson-Williams score for Metal Gear Solid 2 is one thing – after all he’s a proper film composer, but I’ll listen to anything. Just this morning on the tube my iPhone […]

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John Barry (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

[Movies] A Tribute to John Barry

The worlds of film and music were left slightly poorer today by the passing of John Barry. The 77 year-old British composer passed away this weekend, leaving behind a body of work that earned him five Academy Awards and a special place in the hearts of generations of cinema-goers. His work was never less than […]

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Pic by Neofob - click to visit Flickr page

[Retro] Classic Amiga Tracks Remixed

If there’s one thing I remember fondly about my old Amiga (in fact there are many things, but never mind), it’s the music. For the first time in the annals of home computing history, the A500 (and to a similar extent the Atari ST) offered home users the chance to not only hear high quality […]

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