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Image by Ittsai

[Games] Wii 2 Rumour Roundup

In the past 48 hours the Wii 2 rumour mill has gone into overload. Here’s a quick look at some of the theories doing the rounds about the machine that Nintendo’s expected to unveil at E3 in June. Pooooower! Various “sources” have told various publications that the Wii 2 will be anything from “nearly as […]

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Image by Ramen Junkie

[Games] It’s Coming – Wii 2 Set for E3

So as I reported some time ago, the momentum behind rumours of a replacement for Nintendo’s Wii are starting to gain traction. Several reports have emerged in the last few days quoting “insiders” as saying the new machine will be unveiled at E3 this June. The timing certainly makes sense. The Wii has been on […]

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[Games] New Wii or Not New Wii? That is the Question

Could Nintendo be readying a new home console? Edge certainly seem to think so. As they report, THQ’s president let slip at a conference that something might be in the works. It would certainly make sense. The Wii’s sales are declining, and its dismal attach rate doesn’t look set to improve. On top of that […]

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