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Wayne Rooney in FIFA 11

[Games] More Thoughts: FIFA 11

A few days ago I wrote a fairly glowing review of FIFA 11. After spending significantly more time with the game, I wanted to share some more thoughts. Thoughts about problems. Why, for instance, does almost every game on World Class difficulty descend into a fairly turgid affair bereft of chances and likely to finish 0-0? […]

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TGIGreeny.com Game of the Year 2010 - Mass Effect 2

[Games] Games of 2010

Update: Since this article was written I have played, and reviewed, Battlefield – Bad Company 2, a title released in 2010. Had it have been reviewed in time, it would doubtless have featured on this list – probably at number 2 or 3. So another year has dawned, which seems to be an appropriate point […]

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Pre match action

[Games] Fifa 11 Review

So it rolls around to that time of year again when I tuck away my thoughts of rebellion against our corporate overlords and their incremental annual sports updates and pony up the dough for the latest copy of FIFA. Cos, you know, it just seems wrong for Tevez to still be at Man United now. […]

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