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[Photos] Snow in Black and White

Having taken quite a few snow-filled landscape shots while on snowboarding trips over the past few years, I’ve always struggled to make them seem in anyway interesting. In real life, the majestic vistas of snow capped alpine peaks are breathtaking, but as images, they seem flat and lifeless. However, recently I’ve hit upon a technique […]

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[Games] Review: Dirt 3

Dirt 3 may be the first title in Codemasters’ offroad racing franchise to have dropped the name of the late, great Colin McRae, but oddly it feels more like a celebration of the discipline he helped make famous than any other title in the series. Dirt 2’s teeth-grating slide into easy Americanisation is well-documented and […]

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[Apps] The Jailbreak Apps I Can’t Live Without

It’s been sometime since I decided to jailbreak my iPhone. One of the things I quickly discovered was that its much harder to keep abreast of new developments and apps on the jailbreak scene that it is with the more legitimate app store. That’s a situation that’s not really changed over the last few months, […]

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