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[Movies] Review: Senna

There can be few lives better suited to the stuff of motion picture narrative than Ayrton Senna’s. Born in a sport-obsessed country beset by social problems he rose through the ranks of karting to become the greatest Formula One driver of his generation, beloved by millions, but all-too-often cruelly snubbed by the sport’s powerful elite. […]

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Image © 2010 Vendome Pictures

[Movies] Review: Source Code

Moon was one of the best science fiction movies to be released by a major Hollywood studio in the last decade. Inventive, original, witty, it dealt with the kind of metaphysical themes that are the hallmark of good, serious sci-fi, without forgetting to be entertaining. It was a brilliant, audacious feature debut from director Duncan […]

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Natalie Portman in Black Swan - "properly mental"

[Movies] Review: Black Swan

Why would a couple, whose surname is Aranofsky choose to name their offspring Darren? It’s like Mr and Mrs Lilywhite calling their boy Billy, or Steve and Angie Omerston opting to name their new-born Thomas. I only bring it up because it’s a thought that occurred to me several times during Darren Aranofsky’s latest film, […]

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[Movies] Five Years of Epic Film Scores

The recent, and sad, death of composer John Barry has inspired me to revisit my collection of film scores, and to share with you some of the albums from the last five years that I’ve grown to love. Not all accompany decent films, even fewer were recognised by the Academy. Some are just downright populist, […]

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John Barry (picture from Wikimedia Commons)

[Movies] A Tribute to John Barry

The worlds of film and music were left slightly poorer today by the passing of John Barry. The 77 year-old British composer passed away this weekend, leaving behind a body of work that earned him five Academy Awards and a special place in the hearts of generations of cinema-goers. His work was never less than […]

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The stunning Ms Wilde and er... the other bloke.

[Movies] Review: Tron Legacy

You know something decidedly weird is going on with Tron Legacy the second Tony Blair appears on screen dressed as David Bowie and starts waving a Plexiglas crowbar in front of his crotch like a gun. The King’s Speech this ain’t. What it is is a visually stunning, utterly bewildering sequel to 1982’s ground-breaking and […]

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Colin Firth and Helena Bonham-Carter in The King's Speech

[Movies] Review: The King’s Speech

I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the film that’s currently second favourite with William Hill to take the Best Picture crown at the Oscards (behind the Social Network). The film centres on the Bertie, Duke of York (Colin Firth), and his wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham-Carter). Those of you with a passing knowledge […]

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