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[Games] Review: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

It takes a couple of hours for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit to start to click. Truth be told it takes nearly that long to get past the interminable trailers, intro sequences and tutorial videos, but that’s slightly besides the point. No, it takes a couple of hours before you get a sense of what […]

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Generating a gameface

[Games] Facing Yourself with EA

Back in my review of FIFA 11, I promised I would eventually get to grips with EA’s Gameface system – a means of adding a digitised version of your mug into various EA Sports titles… We’ve all done it. Chugging away through a season of FIFA or NHL or just any about any sports game, […]

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The tanks may be tiny, but they still pack a punch

[Games] Review: Battlefield – Bad Company 2: Vietnam

So when I wrote about Battlefield – Bad Company 2 the other day, I promised – in a vague sort of way – that I’d do a follow up review of the excellent premium Vietnam DLC. Well here it is… This isn’t, of course, the first time that DICE has turned to the war-with-the-best-soundtrack for […]

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Wayne Rooney in FIFA 11

[Games] More Thoughts: FIFA 11

A few days ago I wrote a fairly glowing review of FIFA 11. After spending significantly more time with the game, I wanted to share some more thoughts. Thoughts about problems. Why, for instance, does almost every game on World Class difficulty descend into a fairly turgid affair bereft of chances and likely to finish 0-0? […]

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