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[Games] It’s Pocket Grenade Time You Hussy!

Is this advert for Sony Ericsson’s new gaming-focussed Xperia Play smartphone, which stars Flight of the Conchords Kristen Schaal, possibly the best advert ever? Yes. Is the Xperia Play, an Android handset with PlayStation-inspired gaming controls, looking more and more tempting as an ownership proposition every single day? Yes. Honestly I’m seriously thinking about getting […]

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Blaze Sega Mega Drive Arcade Ultimate Portable - not the snappiest name

[Games/Retro/Tech] Review: Mega Drive Ultimate Arcade Portable

Of all the many 16-bit systems I’ve owned or emulated, the machine to which I continually return is the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis to those of you in the US). True, it was never as technically advanced as the SNES, as versatile as the Amiga, or as Arcade-perfect as the Neo-Geo AES, but there’s something […]

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The PSP2 - or NGP as we're supposed to call it

[Games] Sony– It’s Got the Whole World in its Hands

The other day I was leafing through some old issues of multi-format games magazine Edge, circa 1994. Every single page, just about, was bursting with information on the latest hardware releases. From 3D0 to CD-i to N64 to PlayStation and everything in between. The letters pages too were entirely consumed with format fanboys arguing about […]

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