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[Prints] The Thames In Winter

I’ve decided to start offering some of my photos for sale as prints, canvases, greetings cards and other formats. I’ll gradually be adding them over the next few days, and keeping you updated on the blog about each one, starting with this shot of London’s River Thames in winter, which is available right now from […]

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[Other] A New Look

As you may have noticed. Things have changed around here. has been given a makeover. Everything is pretty much as before, except it’s all a lot brighter and (hopefully) nicer to look at. At the very top of each page you’ll see a black bar that lets you skip from category to category at […]

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[Photos] Take That at Wembley Stadium

Alright, so it’s a bit of a come down from the Foo Fighters last weekend, but I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Take That’s record breaking concert at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night. It was the band’s eighth night at the stadium, breaking Michael Jackson’s long standing record of seven consecutive shows at […]

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Foo Fighters Sunset HDR

[Photos] Foo Fighters at MK Bowl

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have been given a couple of tickets to see Foo Fighters at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes. The gig itself was fantastic, with the Foos knocking out a barnstorming 2 and a half hour set with special guests including Roger Taylor and Alice Cooper. I didn’t have […]

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Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast and London Bridge Hospital

[Photos] Tower Bridge at Night

I’ve been trying to get out and photograph more of Central London while I still have the chance, and the weather is good. I’d taken a couple of shots from London Bridge at night before but thought I could do better, especially with some HDR stuff, so I packed up my tripod and caught the […]

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[Photos] Le Mans 2011

This weekend I made my first trip to Le Mans for the word-famous 24 hour sports car endurance race. As well as being one of the oldest and most revered events in the motor racing world, the Le Mans weekend is a sort of automotive Glastonbury. Upwards of half a million people descend on the […]

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The New Wii U controller in all it's slightly plasticky glory

[Games] First Thoughts: Nintendo Wii U

So after months of speculation; most of it, as it turns, out fairly accurate, we know know what the Wii’s successor will look like, play like and be called. Wii U (pronounced “you” rather than “oo”) is, I suppose, no less stupid a name than Wii was in the first place, and is substantially less […]

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[Movies] Review: Senna

There can be few lives better suited to the stuff of motion picture narrative than Ayrton Senna’s. Born in a sport-obsessed country beset by social problems he rose through the ranks of karting to become the greatest Formula One driver of his generation, beloved by millions, but all-too-often cruelly snubbed by the sport’s powerful elite. […]

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[Photos] London Eye at Night

I’m moving away from London at the end of the summer, and before I go, I’ve vowed to perfect some of the shots I’ve toyed with in the past but never got quite right. I’ve long admired some of the iconic images of the Thames, espcially those including both the London Eye and the Palace […]

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[Photos] Hampton Court Palace

> Nothing particularly special here. Just a nice, but cloudy, day out at Hampton Court Palace west of London. The light wasn’t great, but here’s a selection of some of the shots from the day. The rest are over at Flickr.

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Carmageddon is one of few games where you can drive underwater.

[Retro] Retrospective: Carmageddon

It was a simpler, and in some ways, happier time. It was also a time of complicated DOS installs, IRQ conflicts, sound card compatibility issues and in the case of many a title, a time of unrepentant, naked, pornographic ultraviolence. The mid 90s may not be heralded by many purists these days as among the […]

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The graphics are lovely, in a sort of PGR meets Halo kind of way

[Games] Review: Blur

Yes, another old game, but I only decided to check Blur out after the sad demise of its developer Bizarre Creations prompted several people to tell me how good it was. “It’s Mario Kart with real cars”, “it’s Project Gotham with power ups”. You’ll have heard both of these phrases bandied around when discussing Bizarre […]

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Pinball Fantasies as it was never meant to be seen - on a 40 inch LCD screen

[Retro] Review: Commodore Amiga CD32

They say good things come to those who wait. Well in this case, I’ve been waiting a long, long time. Back when the world was young, in the distant, swirling primordial soup that was 1993, I was but a 12-year-old waif. Enticed by heady promises of FMV, interactive CD-ROMs and 32 whole shiny bits of […]

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[Retro] Emulation on the Caanoo – A Quick Guide

As previously discussed, the quirky but brilliant open source handheld GP2X Caanoo from Game Park Holdings is fantastic as a portable emulation engine, if not so hot as a games platform in general. Here’s a whistlestop guide to some of the best emulators available for the system. Caanoo-Hugo (NEC PC Engine) A Cannoo port of […]

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The Caanoo is attractive enough, if not cutting edge exactly

[Retro] Review: GP2X Caanoo

Back in the mists of time, when I still owned a PSP, I quickly realised that it held more promise as a device for running homebrew and emulators than it did as a pure gaming machine. Don’t get me wrong, the PSP had some half decent titles, but lugging all those UMDs around and swapping […]

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