[Photos] Take That at Wembley Stadium

Alright, so it’s a bit of a come down from the Foo Fighters last weekend, but I was lucky enough to get tickets to see Take That’s record breaking concert at Wembley Stadium on Saturday night. It was the band’s eighth night at the stadium, breaking Michael Jackson’s long standing record of seven consecutive shows at the old Wembley.

While Take That aren’t my normal listening choice, the staging was spectacular, and it has to be said that they know how to belt out a pop tune or two. Given Wembley’s typically draconian policy on SLRs (particularly with whopping great 500mm lenses), and the expected paucity of light I opted to bring only my Canon S90 handheld. In SLR terms the low light performance is woeful, but compared to just about every other compact digital camera its streets ahead. I was reasonably impressed with some of the shots I managed to get. Sure at ISO 400 and above the noise is pretty bad, but with a bit of work with Picturecode’s excellent Noise Ninja plugin for Photoshop I managed to get several presentably images, even if they don’t perhaps stand up to pixel-peeping scrutiny. I also tried a few HDR shots using auto-bracketing. The overall effect is a bit wishy washy (the alignment of three separate images of 85 thousand dancing people, coupled with moving lights and the general ISO noise doesn’t exactly make for pin sharp resolution), but some of the colours are nice.

Anyway, there’s a set over on Flickr with all the shots, and some of the best are below. As ever, please feel free to comment either here, or on the individual images over on Flickr.

Sunset at Take That

Take That - Standing Man

Take That Perform The Flood at Wembley

Take That Wembley Panorama

Blue and Purple

Take That Stage at Wembley

Take That Blue Staging

Take That Blue and White

Take That House Lights

Take That Wembley Yellow

Take That Golden Light HDR


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