[Photos] Foo Fighters at MK Bowl

Foo Fighters Sunset HDR

Foo Fighters Sunset HDR

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have been given a couple of tickets to see Foo Fighters at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes. The gig itself was fantastic, with the Foos knocking out a barnstorming 2 and a half hour set with special guests including Roger Taylor and Alice Cooper. I didn’t have my SLR with me as I was worried I wouldn’t get in, and who wants to cart a massive camera around at a rock concert? I did manage to knock off a few shots with my little Canon S90 though, and with a bit of clever HDR processing the sunset shots (taken as Dave Grohl and band were on stage with the sun setting directly behind them) look pretty neat. You can see them over on Flickr, or peruse the very best right here, and feel free to comment.

Foo Fighters Night HDR Fusion

Foo Fighters HDR

Foo Fighters Sunset Panorama


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