[Photos] London Eye at Night

I’m moving away from London at the end of the summer, and before I go, I’ve vowed to perfect some of the shots I’ve toyed with in the past but never got quite right. I’ve long admired some of the iconic images of the Thames, espcially those including both the London Eye and the Palace of Westminster. After toying around on the nearest bridge downstream from the Eye, I decided to head further along the Thames to Waterloo Bridge. The view from here presents the Eye more edge on, and means I don’t have to use a wide angle lens to fit everything in, removing the annoying distortion that has plagued the verticals on previous shoots. If you’re trying to get the same shot yourself, set your tripod up almost as far North on the bridge as you can get, anywhere else and you’re looking at the back of the Eye, because of the bend of the river. Enjoy, and feel free to comment over at Flickr.


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One Comment on “[Photos] London Eye at Night”

  1. June 8, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    Just wanted to say that I loved the photos. The first one especially. Good job!

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