[Tech] Apps for Apple TV?

Image by @cabel

Image by @cabel

In what could well turn out to be a dramatic feat of wishful over-thinking, rumours are circulating that apps are on their way to the Apple TV. References to a mysterious device known as ix.Mac.MarketingName have popped up App Store listings, alongside mentions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, leading some to speculate that the mystery device could be Apple’s under-rated and largely unloved HTPC.

Certainly the Apple TV is crying out for genuine apps. The meagre selection of available sources (your iTunes library, iTunes rentals, YouTube etc) is pretty poor. My own Apple TV2 sees little use – and will continue to do so until I get around to jailbreaking it and installing XBMC – primarily because it can’t access any of the sources I regularly use for online video.

That said, if apps were to bring service like BBC iPlayer, Eurogamer TV and Sky Sports content to the Apple TV I could quickly see it becoming the mainstay of my home cinema set up, even without the addition of XBMC. It’s not a completely outlandish idea, and is even something that Steve Jobs himself has hinted at.

Of course, this is all nothing more than rumour and conjecture. The mystery reference could just have been a mistake, or it could be an unwitting indicator of a still different Apple iOS based device in the works. Perhaps iOS apps might start popping up in Mac OS, or maybe the long-rumoured iPhone Nano is just around the corner. Only time will tell, but I for one am hoping that the Apple TV finally gets the App Store love it’s been crying out for.


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