[Games] Review: Collision Effect

Collision Effect on iPad

Collision Effect on iPad

As someone who has to regularly commute on the tube, I’m always a fan of casual iOS titles that can be played one-handed, leaving the other hand free for the required death grip on whatever pole, rail or hoop it can find among the thronging mass of bodies.

The Flick Kick series (in Football, Rugby and Field Goal flavours) were favourites for a long time, until it became obvious that the only way to best my high scores would be to lie the phone on a flat surface, gripped with one hand for stability while the other did the flicking. Fortunately my journeys to and from work are no longer bereft of single-digit entertainment thanks to the bite-sized delights of Collision Effect.

Sitting comfortably somewhere between the worlds of twitch shooter and colour-match puzzler, Collision Effect is simple, yet brain-meltingly addictive, in the best tradition of all handheld classics.

Puzzle mode slows things down, but it's still fiendish

Puzzle mode slows things down, but it's still fiendish

The game’s central mechanic is simple. Orbs of various colours drift across the screen at random intervals. Touch one and all the other orbs of the same colour will fly towards it. When they meet they are annihilated in a satisfying puff of colour. However if an orb of one colour touches one of a different hue it’s an instant game over. In action mode the orbs fly relentlessy on to the screen and you’ll soon be dealing with nine or more of up to four colours simultaneously. As you can imagine, games are short.

In puzzle mode things slow down considerably. Each level presents a static starting configuration of orbs. You’ll need to use planning and a certain amount of trial and error to work out how to slide them around without any unfortunate colour clash incidents. Both are nicely packaged sets of fun-size challenges with great replay value.

The later puzzle levels are fiendish, and require a mixture of chess-like forward planning and expert timing. Action mode is just as compelling. On the hardest difficulty setting games rarely last beyond a minute, with online leaderboards adding to the ‘just-one-more-go’ compunction.

Let this happen and it's game over

Let this happen and it's game over

The presentation is perfectly adequate, with everything given a vaguely intergalactic sheen. Sonically there’s the obligatory Rez-inspired music, with a pleasing bass stab accompanying every screen tap. Play your own music and the techno-lite vanishes but the stabs remain, forcing you into a subliminal sort of rhythm – matching your inputs with the tempo of the backing track,  not always helpfully.

For 59p Collision Effect is simply a must-buy. Even if you like your iOS gaming two-handed and sitting on the couch it’s worth getting hold of as one of the most addictive blends of twitch gaming and cerebral puzzling yet to grace the app store. As an added bonus for iPad owners, it’s worth noting that the game is truly universal, scaling properly to dual handed play on the bigger screen.



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