[Tech] Check Out Suave HD for Winterboard

Suave HD with a 5 column Springboard

Suave HD with a 5 column Springboard

Just a quick one. I promised I’d mention any decent apps or themes I came across in my post-jailbreak iPhone tinkering. I’d heard lots of good things about the Suave theme for Winterboard. Sadly, like so many themes out there the version on Cydia didn’t seem quite so compatible with iOS 4.2.1 as I’d like. Fortunately Pat97.4 over at MacThemes has ported the theme for the Retina display, and taken the trouble to update it for 4.2.1 (new icon names being the problem apparently, thanks Apple). It’s a great theme, that I use with the Five Icon Dock and Five Column packages to fit more onto my screen. Suave HD does a nice job of trimming the icons down to size. Install it along with the Suave Extras theme you can get from Cydia and you’re on to a winner.

To pick up Suave HD and hundreds of icons for just about every app you can imagine, check out this forum post. For info on installation using an iPhone root folder directory app liek DiskAid, see this FAQ.

On a separate note, I’d also recommend FolderEnhancer (available from Cydia) which allows for nested folders, screen sized folder windows and page swiping within folders, all for just a couple of dollars.

Suave HD featuring Suave Extras

Suave HD featuring Suave Extras


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