[Photos] London’s Two Towers

With the first half decent weather of the year (cold but clear) my girlfriend and I decided to visit the Tower of London. It may only be a few miles down the road, but neither of us had ever been. It was a wonderful day out. The Tower itself is beautifully preserved (they’ve just finished cleaning the original 12th Century Norman keep) and the Yeoman guides are both knowledgeable and witty. It’s not the cheapest afternoon you’ll ever spend (admission for a family of four is over £50) but it’s well worth it.

The day also gave me a chance to get me camera out properly for the first time in what seems like months. I grabbed a few shots of Tower Bridge from the Thames Path on the way to the Tower, and of course shot lots of frames inside the castle walls. It was a different tower, though, that really caught my eye. London Bridge Tower, or the Shard, is a new 1000ft-plus skyscraper that’s taking shape across the Thames from the Tower of London. It’s a beautiful glass-clad pyramid that will be the UK’s first genuine super-tall, and the tallest building in Western Europe. Not everyone likes it, but I’m a big fan, and can’t wait to see it finished. I’m also looking forward to the view from the observation gallery at the top. Right now the building’s core is just under a thousand feet, making it the tallest building in the UK, even though it won’t be finished until next year. It’s well worth a wander to the foot of the tower, by the entrance to Guy’s Hopsital. There you can gaze upwards at a busy construction site hundreds of feet in the air as glass and steel sections are lifted into place by workmen hanging on wires from the half-finished framework. It’s both terrifying and beautiful at once.

Anyway, here are a few of my shots of the day. As ever, there are lots more on my Flickr photostream.



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